Quark Lit

How Lit can this be?

$599 (Little Pink at $555)

Pottery wherever you are. By the sea shore, under a tree, or on the moon, Quark Lit is as flexible as you are. 

Create on the go. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Little Pink takes a stand against Pink Tax, and hence comes at a 7% lesser price compared to Quark products in other colours.

Know more about Pink Tax at Pink Tax (Wikipedia)

The Quark Experience

Quark Lit

Portable Power

Anywhere. Anytime.

Power through your experience anywhere, anytime with Quark Lit’s rechargeable battery. 

Don't let your excess water run out!

Auto-lock split splash pan

It auto-locks. It splits. It’s MAGNETIC. This splash pan is easy to fit, clean and love!


Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

Reversible Wheeling

Left or right-handed, you can reverse Quark’s rotation to suit your style, however versatile. 

Wireless Speed Control

With Quark Foot Pedal

Tap your feet and ta-daa, you set the pace. Control every cast of clay wirelessly with Quark Pedal.

Stack. Spin. Shape