Quark S+

Created, not curated

$349 (Little Pink at $325)

Plug and play on this handy, portable wheel anywhere. 

All you need is a socket and power supply. 

Little Pink takes a stand against Pink Tax, and hence comes at a 7% lesser price compared to Quark products in other colours.

Know more about Pink Tax at Pink Tax (Wikipedia)

The Quark Experience

Don't let your excess water run out!

Auto-lock split splash pan

It auto-locks. It splits. It’s MAGNETIC. This splash pan is easy to fit, clean and love!


Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

Reversible Wheeling

Left or right-handed, you can reverse Quark’s rotation to suit your style, however versatile. 

Wireless Speed Control

With Quark Foot Pedal

Tap your feet and ta-daa, you set the pace. Control every cast of clay wirelessly with Quark Pedal.

Stack. Spin. Shape